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Saving the World through Design

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

At Change Agency, we work to support many social causes through our diverse clients - including empowering persons with disabilities, low-income families, seniors, and other vulnerable communities. However, there is one pressing global issue we commit ourselves to alleviating regardless of the project we are working on - environmental sustainability.

The Earth is the home we all share. World Nature Conservation Day falls on 28 July and we hope to share some of our design considerations and habits with you. Here are 5 ways you can join us in advocating for and protecting our world in your creative endeavours!

1. Product Design Choices

Did you know? While only about 5% of a project’s budget is dedicated to design, about 70% of a project’s ultimate cost and environmental impact is decided during the designing process! A product’s materials, size, and even colours affect its carbon footprint. Hiring a professional to do research and careful planning in the early stages of a project is essential in saving cost and protecting the environment.

2. Reach the Right People

When marketing a project, many companies think the more people reached, the better. That is not always true! Very often, knowing your target audience and making concerted efforts to reach those most likely to take action is more resource-efficient. Spending money and resources in getting heard, but not listened to, is wasteful and harmful for the environment.

3. Think Outside the Box

Gone are the days where printing is a necessity. These days, digital is king when it comes to accessibility. Stay informed about emerging technologies or ways to achieve your objectives. Where traditional methods still work best, be creative in the ways you may cut down on resources. For example, folding your letter into the shape of an envelope saves you some cost, and surprises the recipient with origami - giving them a more lasting impression of you.

4. Stay Committed Throughout the Process

Opt for the most environmentally-friendly option every step of the way. After designing your product well, choose operational vendors that are committed to conservation. The difference in the ink that is used, or appliances they have, or even whether or not they recycle their waste - all these can make a big difference for the environment in the long-term. Before engaging a vendor, check if they have environmental accreditation for printing or a sustainable management system in place.

5. Get Help with Staying Environmentally Friendly!

We get it. There are a lot of processes to look into and be familiar with - from materials in the designing process, to choosing the right marketing strategies, and even looking into the practices of our vendors. It is time-consuming and difficult, but we are here to help! Make The Change and the Change Agency stay environmentally conscious in every project we take on - and we can provide the support needed to make a positive impact on our world while achieving your objectives.

The Change Agency offers a range of design and marketing services to support our clients in their projects and events. Drop Karen an email at to explore opportunities, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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