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Building a Kinder Singapore, One Neighbourhood at a Time

Alastair Tan and Catherina Phee may appear as just the ordinary couple, but ask anyone in the Whampoa area and you will find out that they are no stranger to most residents in that region. Deeply involved in community activities, the couple maintains several group chats connecting neighbours and organising communal events such as block parties and festival celebrations. Some neighbours even leave their children with Catherina when urgent matters arise, trusting them as they would their own family.

It is heartening to know that even after Covid-19 struck, Singapore’s kampung spirit remained intact. Some residents in the area offered to purchase groceries for senior citizens in their block, so they would not need to leave their homes and be exposed to the virus. According to the Graciousness Survey 2022 by the Singapore Kindness Movement, more than three-quarters of Singaporeans expressed that they were satisfied with their neighbours.

Now, the Singapore Kindness Movement is going one step further with a country-wide ambition - to build a kinder Singapore, one neighbourhood at a time! Launched on 31 October this year, the Singapore’s Friendly Neighbourhood Award (SFNA) is an award that recognises community spirit, neighbourliness, gracious living, and resilience. It hopes to encourage closer-knit communities with great collective strength, building a warmer and more loving home for everyone.

This was inspired by the recognition of the first-ever “Friendly Street” in Singapore back in August 2019. Back then, Jalan Bintang Tiga was awarded the “Friendly Street” identity motif affixed to their private estate street sign to celebrate their kampung spirit and resilience. Now that Covid-19 restrictions have been reduced, the SFNA is a celebratory initiative hoping to increase meaningful interaction and relationships between neighbours.

“I believe that Singaporeans are innately kind and gracious citizens. Kindness does not have to be a grand gesture. All kind acts, big or small, will accrue and positively impact society. A simple ‘good morning’ opens opportunities for neighbours to bond and interact, making the neighbourhood a friendlier place. The kinder we are, the stronger our society becomes,” said Dr William Wan, General Secretary, Singapore Kindness Movement.

The Change Agency is proud to be supporting the Singapore Kindness Movement in their Singapore’s Friendly Neighbourhood Award initiative, through assisting them with designing key visuals, adaptations for online and offline activation, creating digital nomination forms, and social media marketing.

We provide a range of creative services to all types of organisations. Drop Karen an email at to explore opportunities. Also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to view our past works!

To find out more about the SFNA or nominate a neighbourhood, click here.

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