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Encouraging Mental Wellness in the Workplace

Various reports have shown that Singaporeans of today are experiencing high levels of stress, with workplace stress being a major contributing factor. It is no secret that happier employees mean more creativity, openness, and productivity - in addition to a friendlier environment! This World Mental Health Day (10 Oct), here are some tips to encourage mental wellness in your office.

1. Creating a Safe Space for Differing Voices

A common cause of stress in the workplace is navigating social relationships within a working environment. Ensure that differing voices, especially during brainstorming sessions, are encouraged and not punished. Groupthink is the downfall of creativity, and everyone should feel safe to provide their opinions and expertise.

2. Checking In on Emotional States

Strike up casual conversations with your workmates! By knowing each other better, you will be more aware if a colleague is showing signs of distress, irritability, or is behaving irregularly. If someone is struggling, you will be better able to support them by pointing them towards the help they may need.

3. Bonding and Resting Time

Employees are not just a cog in the machine - they need to recharge physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Plan occasional bonding and resting time to lift their spirits.

4. Stating Clear Priorities in Task Lists

When things get busy, to-do lists get longer. It is helpful to convey a clear hierarchy of priorities for these tasks, so employees can create an order in which to get the tasks done. Take one step at a time and no (figurative) mountain will be too tall to scale!

5. Respecting Off Time

Even the most dedicated employees need time completely away from work. Respecting boundaries and giving them the space they need to replenish their energy will fuel them to keep giving their all when they return.

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