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Celebrating Our Past - National Day Special

Singapore is celebrating her 57th birthday this year - and we are so proud to be a part of this very special country. As we enjoy our multicultural home, it is important to remember our roots, and appreciate the contributions and sacrifices that were made along the way.

In this spirit, we reminisce about our roots at the Change Agency. Have you ever wondered how Make The Change and the Change Agency came about? Read on to find out more!

MTC Then

Our award-winning social enterprise started as a training initiative at M.A.D. School @ Chatsworth Medi@rt Academy in 2012. To inculcate values such as compassion and civic-mindedness in our students, and to encourage them to think about using their skills for social good while providing valuable real working experience, the academy started organising groups of students to work on meaningful industry projects.

Among our earliest clients was mental health initiative CHAT, or the Community Health Assessment Team, which sought to improve mental wellness among youths. A group of 9 students used their marketing, advertising, and designing skills to support this cause, and learned much about the social issue of mental health in the process.

“We saw that students involved in this project began to transform. Their attitudes towards life became more positive, and it was evident that this collaboration was a precious learning experience for them. Thus, we named this initiative ‘Make The Change’ - as we hoped to see a positive change in our students, as well as the change they will effect on the world,” said Michelle Lim, Founder & CEO of Make The Change.

As time went on, this initiative became a co-curricular activity of the school. Eventually, it was developed into a social enterprise by a professional team consisting of the school’s alumni, taking on a wider variety of clients to increase sustainability and the ability to serve charities, or the social service sector, more effectively. This would become known as Make The Change’s Change Agency. MTC Now

Since then, the Change Agency has supported commercial clients and provided low or pro-bono services to Social Service Agencies where possible. It has become an award-winning social enterprise that prides itself on making a positive difference in the lives of others.

“Our desire is to share our independence with the social service sector. Through our professional fundraising, consultation, and social entrepreneurship services, we hope Social Service Agencies can be transformed and pivoted, leveraging on a social enterprising spirit to create a sustainable source of funds for their charity organisation and social causes,” said Michelle Lim, Founder & CEO of Make The Change.

The Change Agency is involved in many social missions, including empowering the vulnerable, environmental conservation through tree-planting, and inclusive hiring. Stay tuned to this space for more articles sharing our various endeavours with you!

“By uplifting others, we also rise up ourselves. BE the change you want to see - we need to be ready to get our hands dirty and effect change from the heart. Every little step can bless others, and we hope more will join us as change makers to build a better world for tomorrow,” said Michelle Lim, Founder & CEO of Make The Change.

The Change Agency offers a range of design and marketing services to support our clients in their projects and events. Drop Karen an email at to explore opportunities, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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