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The Importance Of Visual Design For Websites

Great visual design is important. People are visual creatures and they make quick judgements based on a first impression. Whether it is a person, a poster, a brochure, or a website, a fraction of a second is what it takes for people to make sense of what they are seeing.

And a brand's website is a crucial part of any brand strategy as it not only represents the company, but also builds credibility with your potential customers.

This first impression is dependent of many various factors - the understanding and application of visual hierarchy, psychology of colours, typography, layout etc. According to research, first impression of websites are a whopping 94% design related. This clearly shows the importance of good user design and experience. Poor interface design would most often lead to rapid mistrust and rejection of a website.

With that, here are some best practices to start incorporating onto your websites:

1) Use visually interesting, compelling and even provocative images to grab the attention of your audience.

2) Use colours to evoke an emotional response or mood. Understanding the psychology behind colours will give you an advantage to communicate more effectively to your audience.

3) Good typography provides visual appeal and clarity of message, which will retain viewer interest and inspire action. This also helps establish good visual hierarchy, leading the reader across the page in accordance to level of importance of different text and images.

4) Use catchy, compelling, rhetorical, captivating, or even provocative headlines, to capture the readers' attention. This helps form a strong first impression.

5) Make sure your Visual Composition is on point. This is the art of putting all the elements together to create the final design. This is important as you could have the most beautiful graphic elements in the world but if your composition isn't up to scratch, everything is out of the window.

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