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Empowering Seniors to Uplift Seniors

On 6 June 2022, we were honoured to attend the launch event for ACES HelpLife, a helpline manned by seniors for seniors by social service agency Aces Care and social enterprise Octopus8. It will first serve residents in the Ang Mo Kio area, and may widen its reach in the future. The event was graced by Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

As their Creative Partner, we had the pleasure of working with Aces Care over the past 2 months in preparing for the marketing efforts to promote this service. It hopes to serve seniors living in the area with diverse aspects of their lives including meal deliveries, scheduling medical appointments, assisting with digital literacy, dealing with emergencies, social isolation, and even loneliness, among others.

The hotline is manned by some 30 senior volunteers, who were trained specifically on using the necessary technology to receive these calls and giving advice. These passionate volunteers will then direct or guide seniors towards resources or service providers that meet their needs, or provide emotional support by being a listening ear. As the volunteers are seniors themselves, callers may feel more comfortable conveying their concerns.

We were happy to provide pro-bono services for this meaningful cause. We assisted with designing marketing materials to raise awareness for this helpline, such as posters and taxi decals, that can be adapted for multiple mediums. We also helped to revamp the official website, which we hope will be easily accessible for seniors and their families.

At the Change Agency, we encourage sustainable design practices. To save on resources such as paper from printing, we also made mock-ups and ensured that these posters can be displayed digitally, especially where human traffic is high.

To find out more about ACES HelpLife, please visit

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