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5 Ways SEO Can Help Your Brand Grow

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

There are tens of thousands of people searching Google every second. The results you get as you search are what Google thinks is the best and most useful information for you.

Without Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it’s incredibly difficult for your target audience to see your website and your brand. Search engines like Google or Yahoo are tailored to users, not brands. Having an effective plan will attract the right people to you and hopefully they stay with you for a long time.

At Change Agency, we provide SEO recommendations and services to optimise your online content so that search engines favour and rank your website.

We know that if you don’t want to be left out of the top ranks in a Google Search, then you need to become extremely familiar with this marketing strategy — or at least know an agency that does. One of the ways you need to think about is how you can

1. Rank Top in An Organic Search

Examples on sequence of search results with SEO

If you’re still wondering how important it is as a business, here’s an example:

I’ve just opened a pet café and launched my website, ready for new pet lovers to know about me. My brand name is adorable, my site looks pretty good and I’ve got an extensive menu of animal treats. Now I get excited and immediately search for “pet cafe sg”, assuming I’d see my brand’s name first.

But I didn’t even rank on the first page of Google results. Scrolling through, I look at who’s actually there.

The first few are companies which paid for ad space (which majority ignore), then the rest are ranked organically (a much better chance that someone will click on your site). In many cases, those are there because they have optimised SEOs.

Now it’s your turn, why not search for specific words about your company without adding in your brand name? Are you listed around the very top when googled?

Whether you’re a large conglomerate or a small start-up, making sure you have a good strategy is always something to consider. Once you’re able to take advantage of utilising SEOs well, you won’t be so worried. At Change Agency, we can help your brand get noticed and grow just based on choosing the right keywords. Then we’ll show you how

2. SEOs can Build Awareness for Your Brand

Getting to the first page and being part of the organic search are amazing first steps. Companies are constantly competing for customers and to be able to let your brand shine the most, you need a strong SEO strategy to strengthen your web presence.

This entire pyramid focuses on brand awareness and this is what we want for you. For your brand to move from being unaware to your target audience typing in your website immediately into the search bar.

We at Change Agency want your brand to be recognised as the one to go to. We can really promote your brand image and make sure

3.SEO Boosts Your Brand Credibility

SEOs will improve your brand’s ultimate visibility and credibility. Establishing this takes an incredible amount of effort, time and commitment. This is one of the primary goals of any SEO tactic.

This is a key benefit that people overlook. Once your brand becomes more discoverable on Google’s first page, it shows your credibility to the people searching for answers to their queries.

Why does this matter? Ranking there signals to your target audience that Google trusts your brand (and people trust these search engines to filter out poor quality websites). It also creates other advantages for your business: it fosters positive word-of-mouth which then grows traffic and generates leads.

4. SEOs will get you more Targeted Traffic

This is a benefit that Change Agency is able to help you with.

You are not paying a lot to get your target audience to possibly see your bus poster or television advertisement. SEO is effective in reaching people because they’re looking for you, your service or product.

SEO Optimisation is the most efficient way to bring in customers. Those would lead to conversions - meaning more qualified leads and more sales.

These are factors businesses hope for but I bet you’re wondering how much this all costs.

5. Optimising SEO is cost effective

Compared to traditional media advertisements, optimising SEO is extremely cost effective. This form of marketing lasts longer and gains you more return on investments than any other method of advertising your brand.

With Change Agency’s solid marketing strategy, we’re able to build your brand by

  • having keywords optimised to attract searchers and engines;

  • ensuring great user experience, including fast loading speed and a compelling UX;

  • guaranteeing good crawl accessibility for engines to reach and index your content.


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