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MAD About Singapore

In celebration of Singapore’s 49th birthday, Instagrammers Singapore (@InstaSG) and M.A.D. School Singapore announced an open call for an Instagram exhibition with the theme "Mad About Singapore".

A man appreciating the contents on the board about MAD about Singapore
Dr Lily Neo passing a lucky winner her gift
Avid Instagram fans from all walks of lives answered the photo call with their artistic and creative photos depicting all things Singapore. I was quite amazed at the large variety of photos curated! From opulent views of our bustling commercial district in Marina Bay to down-to-earth shots of our cherished neighbourhoods and heartlands, each and every photo was a remarkable show of our nation’s identity. I also loved the photos of the people who make Singapore our home: our families and loved ones.  And of course, there were many pictures of our beautiful waterways and nature spots too, which dot our urban landscape. These places, interpreted through the photographic lens of these talented Instagramers, make our country look truly lovely.
Exhibition Set-up
Exhibition Design
Photo Book
Dr Lily Neo passing a winner a gift
3 members of the public looking at an exhibition about MAD about Singapore
Singapore Instagrammer of the year, Yafiq
A man looking at the contents of the exhibition
People taking a picture at the exhibition
People at the MAD about Singapore Exhibition

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