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Packaging Design
Little Keefy

K Empire Pte Ltd is a Singapore incorporated company which owns the trademark 'Little Keefy' and the Apps game 'Keefy v Dinosaur', both of which are created by Singaporeans.


We manufacture and distribute quality products under the 'Little Keefy' brand in both local and international markets.

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Cassava Chips (BBQ)
Cassava Chips (Seaweed)
Little Keefy Chocolate_07.jpg
Packaging-96 3.jpg
Cassava Chips (Cheese)
Little Keefy Chocolate_08.jpg
Chocolate Rolls (Hazelnut)
Chocolate Rolls (Coffee)
Little Keefy Chocolate_09.jpg
Chocolate Rolls (Lemon)
Little Keefy Chocolate_06.jpg
Chocolate Rolls (Lemon)
Little Keefy Chocolate_05jpg.jpg
Chocolate Rolls (Coffee)
Little Keefy Chocolate_04.jpg
Chocolate Rolls (Coffee)
Little Keefy Cotton Candy_03.jpg
Candy Floss (Strawberry)
Little Keefy Cotton Candy_02.jpg
Candy Floss (Cola)
Little Keefy Cotton Candy_01.jpg
Candy Floss (Blueberry)

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